Bierwirth & Kluth hotelier des jahres

With the company since / responsible for

Since October 2018 Nina Streiter has been working at the Moxy Vienna Airport, first as Assistant Captain/Assistant Manager and later as Hotel Manager for B&K. In her role, she manages all operational and administrative processes and is responsible for the management of the hotel together with the Cluster General Manager.

Short vita

  • Graduate of the HLW Biedermannsdorf technical college with a major in cultural tourism
  • Active in various roles & areas of the catering/hotel industry in Austria since 2003, as well as work experiences in Switzerland and Ireland
  • Focus on the areas of F&B, purchasing and Human Resources
  • Since 2022 certified employment law expert in Austrian employment law

Motto / Philosophy

„Don’t worry be happy!“

Bierwirth & Kluth Hotel Management  |  Bahnhofstrasse 67  |  D-65185 Wiesbaden  |  |  Phone: +49 611 447600-0

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